Cute Chicken PowerPoint Template

The theme of this template is chicken, where it has three different kind of designs.
The first design is for the title slide. The first design has red color as the background and the picture of a yellow chick who just come out from the eggshell.

The second kind of design is for the content slide. In this slide, the background color is green. In the left top corner it has the same yellow chick picture as before and in the right bottom corner there is a picture of a white hen. In the top of the slide (the right side of the yellow chick picture), there is a white colored box, which is used to put your subtitle of the content slide.

And in the bottom of the slide (the left side of the white hen picture) there is a picture of white dash line.

And the third slide,it is designed special for the last slide where we usually use it as a ‘thank you’ slide. This slide has a big picture of a white hen in the center of the slide with a white colored thank you written in the bottom of the hen picture.