Pink Love PowerPoint Template

Pink love powerpoint  templates is designed especially for girls, it use pink colour as basic colour, like it’s title, this template use some heart shapes design to make the template’s appearance more beautiful. When people look at this powerpoint template, they will feel the love feeling from the presenter, after the audience falling in love with appearance, the presenter hope that the material that presented is acceptable and the audience understand about the topic.

This powerpoint template use pink colour to make the material readable and the people’s eyes will not hurt because this colour is soft. It will make the girls interested and want to use this template as their template when they present a material or a topic.

On the first slide, there is a rectangle that placed oblique, it is an innovation, so that the people who see at this powerpoint template will not feel bored with the same placed and design.

In the second slide of pink love design powerpoint, the heart shapes is placed in different way, this shapes are placed as the background and covered with a rectangle with pink color. This slide can be used to place the main material that will be presented or disscused.