Convert files to the Office Open XML Formats

Convert files to the Office Open XML Formats – To upgrade a legacy file to the Office Open XML Formats, use the Convert option under the Microsoft Office Button. (That option is shown here for Word but is also available in Excel and PowerPoint.)

When you open a legacy format file in the 2007 Office system programs, you’ll see that some features (such as themes) are disabled.

Other features may provide legacy options when used in a legacy format file. For example, in Word, when you click SmartArt (on the Insert tab) with a legacy format document open, the Diagram Gallery from the previous version of Microsoft Office is the available functionality.

To enable all 2007 Office system functionality in your files, convert legacy format files to the Office Open XML Formats. To do this, click the Microsoft Office Button and then click Convert. You will be prompted with a warning letting you know that your original file will be replaced by the Office Open XML Format file.

  • In Word, to complete the conversion, click OK to the warning message and then save the document. If you close the document without saving, the conversion will not complete.
  • In Excel or PowerPoint, when you click OK to dismiss the warning message, the upgrade is automatically completed and cannot be undone.

Note :  When you convert a legacy Word document to an Office Open XML Format document, you must apply theme-ready formatting (such as paragraph styles that use theme fonts and theme colors) before you will see the effect of theme changes in that document. To quickly apply theme-ready paragraph styles, apply a Word 2007 quick style set (discussed earlier in this lesson).

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