How Many Slides for A 10 Minute Presentation and How to Prepare It

A proper presentation needs some slides in PowerPoint. The slides will show the audience about the materials and points you explain. Some presentations only have a short time, so you might think about how many slides for a 10 minute presentation to support the explanation.

It is very challenging to prepare a proper presentation, especially when you have a lot of points to tell to the audience. Hence, there are some tips to make it look good, brief, yet clear to be more understandable. Here are the total slide explanation and the tips to prepare it.

How Many Slides for A 10 Minute Presentation

A ten-minute presentation is short. So, you have to prepare the slides efficiently. If you have packed material to explain to the audience, make it ten slides from the introduction to the conclusion part. It is the maximum slide because at least you have to explain a slide per minute.

Then how many slides for a 10 minute presentation at least? Five slides are enough to explain everything. You have to make it brief with some points, yet you are explaining without seeing the screen that often. To look better, you can put some data in it such as diagrams or illustrations.

Tips for Creating Proper and Brief Slides for Presentation

1. Make it to the point

The first thing for you to remember is to make it to the point. You shouldn’t type the whole explanation into the slides, because the slides will be too long. You can take the keywords of explanation, and then make them into points. Hence, you have to be very prepared, so the material won’t miss out during the presentation.

2. Pick a proper font

A proper font is important because it will give impact the slide you create. It’s very convenient to use the classic ones instead of the creative ones for a short presentation. Why is this the best choice? A creative one may be unbearable for the audience to read while you present it to them.

Some creative fonts may change if you are presenting them on someone else’s computer. If the font changes to the random one, the slides will be so messy and will ruin your presentation. The classic font is the safe option because it is available on every computer without special installation.

3. Pick the font size

Font size is also important for presentation slides. If you are typing the small ones, your audience won’t read your slides which means you prepare them for nothing. It should be readable, yet it doesn’t take up a lot of space for the slides. For the title, it should be 20pt and for the body, it is at least 18pt.

4. Prepare a high-quality image

Some presentations might need images, and you had better put a high-quality image in your slide. They will be a good representative of the presentation because the audience can see it. Make sure you do some formatting to put it into the slides. Avoid using low-quality ones because they are not readable.

5. Put some graphs

Explanations with words may be boring, especially for the data that needs to be inferred by the audience. You can present it using visualization, such as diagrams and graphics. They are the best representatives because the audience can infer the material of the slides better. It’s more understandable than words.

The explanation about how many slides for a 10 minute presentation above is just an estimation for a brief explanation. You can create less than it if there is a Q & A session in the 10 minute presentation. Practice the slides you create before you present them to the audience to estimate the time.