Humor In The Presentation

Humor In The Presentation – In the presentation, presence or absence of aroma humor into
things that need to be considered
by the presenter. In the present presentation
is to be given a
sense of humor in order to cool
the atmosphere when the presentation took place. But if you decide to insert
the nuances of humor in your presentation,
then you should prepare
carefully what you will lift to be used as
humor, except for
those who have a sense of humor. But
keep in mind that to maximize the content of
your Presence, levels
of humor that you submit must be considered.

Here we show the various opinions that reveal positive and negative sides of
the humor in a presentation that can be considered to maximize your

A. Positive side

  1. There are many who argue that humor is a great way to attract the
    attention of the audience to pay attention to the material that you submit.
    Basically everyone likes to laugh and have fun, then by giving out the nuances
    of humor in your presentation is expected to make the audience pay attention to
    your presentation to be back and relax while receiving the material you
  2. There are those who argue that humor is the most effective way to
    transfer the material. So when the material transferred to the listener through
    the humor, the audience will tend to be easier to remember and memorable
    message. Likewise with a presentation by the presentation, so if you present it
    with humor, it could be that you submit material to be memorable for the
  3. If you choose to insert the nuances of humor when your presentation,
    then, as already discussed in the beginning that in conveying humor please be
    careful, lest you fail in delivering a joke. It will affect the future course
    of your presentation. So to fix this, just insert the media that could attract
    the attention of the audience, as with a funny picture, or video. 

B. Negative side
Taking into account the sense of security at the time of presenting the
material, and minimize the occurrence of a failure to make the audience laugh,
then there are several reasons why some presenters did not choose shades of
humor present in his presentation.

  1. Jokes that fail will cause a lack of audience appeal of the material you
  2. Inserting the nuances of humor in your presentation, is a risky task. 

Using humor is something more important in the presentation. But in its use
should be careful and adapted to the environment. Any presenter who will
compete have to test it first.