Stars Animation

Do you like stars in the night sky? In this time we will make stars in slide! Interesting? Let’s make it!

  1. Make dark background
  2. Create star from shape (read: Create Shape) , change star color with white or yellow. And remove the line.
  3. Give effect white glow. Click shape > Drawing tools (Format) > Shape Effect > Glow > More Glow colors > Click white

  4. Give entrance animation effect. Click shape > Animations > Custom Animation > add Effect > Entrance > Faded Zoom.

    Setting: Start= with previous, Speed= very fast

  5. Give exit animation effect. add Effect > Exit > Faded Zoom.

    Setting: Start= after previous, speed= very fast, delay= 0.1 Seconds (right click in the exit animation > Timing > Delay > Ok)

  6. Copy and paste the star. place it anywhere, and resize with your creation.

  7. The stars now in you slide! This will make your presentation more beautiful!