Zoom Presenting Tips to Kill The Presentation

Zoom meeting is getting popular after the pandemic because it supports the work environment virtually. However, you have to know some zoom presenting tips when you are in a meeting. Zoom meeting is different from offline one and a huge challenge to pull off.

You only meet the people virtually, yet you have the task to deliver the topic efficiently and effectively. It’s not only about the topic and preparation, but also about getting engagement from the audience. Here are some tips you can do before a zoom presentation.

Best Zoom Presenting Tips

1. Wear formal clothes

Although you meet your audience virtually, it doesn’t mean you downgrade yourself by not wearing the outfit professionally. You have to wear formal clothes for a presentation, so the audience knows that you are fully prepared and respect them either.

2. Choose the best spot

The thing that people forget during zoom presentations is the spot for presentation. It’s very often to find the case where the zoom session is bothered by the children or pets. Too dark or too light a place to deliver a presentation is not nice either. Choose the spot with proper light and less noise.

3. Strong internet connection

One of the essential zoom presenting tips is a strong internet connection. Zoom is a video where one screen has more than one mini screen. More audience, more videos. Without an internet connection, the zoom meeting gets lagged. They won’t be able to listen and see you, and so will you.

4. Use non-verbal language

It is very important to use non-verbal language. Presenting the topic virtually doesn’t mean you deliver a monotonous presentation with the same tone along with the presentation. Non-verbal language is a way to get engaged with your audience properly.

For example, you should sit straight and make eye contact with the screen. It means that you are ready to present the topic and open for discussion. Eye contact will make the audience feel engaged with you, so their attention span lasts longer until the presentation ends.

5. Pausing and asking

Your presentation doesn’t get attention because it sounds boring to the audience. Make an interactive session with some pauses and questions. You can start by asking which topic they still find difficult to process or which part the presenter should emphasize more.

This way is also a way to try to engage with the audience in case they do not listen to the conversation. Some meetings are unpredictable with the audience going to the toilet, suddenly out of network, or turning off the camera. The interactive session will make them stay in front of the screen.

6. Use a unique story-telling

Storytelling is a great part of the presentation, especially during the zoom. The audience will get a proper illustration of the topic they will get and learn from the presentation. Try to present a unique story to get their attention and they will think you are a fun person.

7. Share your screen

If you are going to present a deep topic, you should be able to share the material via the share screen feature in zoom. These zoom presenting tips will help the audience to understand the presentation better. They usually take note of the material from the slides you present.

8. End your zoom properly

After the session ends, you should end your zoom properly. Before you close the meeting, ask them if they have some questions regarding the topic you have delivered. If none of them asks, then you can end the presentation with a brief conclusion and also a greeting.

These zoom presenting tips are the ways to engage properly with the audience. It’s easy yet challenging at the same time because you need to make them get attention along with the presentation. Execute the tips above to have a smooth zoom presentation.