Do you have a school presentation in the short future? Good preparation makes an excellent presentation. And when it comes to material preparation, picking the right PowerPoint template should be one of your considerations.

Your PowerPoint program comes packed with pre-installed templates but most of them are basic. If you need to hypnotize your audience with decent slides and build strong engagement with them, we have a set of school-themed templates to download.

Quick Look at Our School Templates

School templates are specifically created to help teachers, students, school managers, or education activists to give attractive presentations. Different categories are included: Graduation, Library, Reading, and many more.

Each pack is embellished with beautiful illustrations to support your presentation, making it more powerful to deliver education-related material. Thanks to our designers that selected the best image to create visually attractive slide.

In addition to representative images, our templates deliver modern layout. We pay attention to the best position of the text placeholder so your audience can catch all the details. We also make sure each slide of each category can easily accommodate your concise material.

Do you need to make few adjustments? Our school-themed templates are highly customizable so you can easily personalize the design and layout to your personal preferences. They are also editable, allowing you to get perfect slides before presentation.

You can use either Pencil and Ruler template that features cute illustrations of the stationery or Reading that displays aesthetic photography of books. Or if you want to motivate your students, Graduation template can be the perfect option.


Quality content is not enough to keep your audience focused on your presentation. It is attractive visualization that helps them engaged from beginning to end. Our templates are built to bring your presentation slides the center of attention.

This template is suitable for a wide variety of presentation purposes mainly ones that are related to education such as school presentations, project presentations, and educational or motivational presentations for students.

That said, our templates are also ideal for seminars or even school promotional presentations. Simply find a PowerPoint template that best represents your materials.

Why Using Our Templates

Incorporating random templates can risk your whole presentations. While PowerPoint’s pre-loaded templates are so common that your audience can get bored at the first slide, some third-party templates come with quirky design and striking colors.

Our designers make sure that each slide and each pack is suitable for educational purposes. Here are other reasons why our templates are the best option for your presentations:

  • Soft Tone

These templates are subtly designed to help you keep audience engaged to the material. We don’t use bright colors, sharp illustrations, or complex design that distract their attention. With simple yet catchy appearance, audience can focus on your presentation.

  • Editable

Our experienced designers understand that you have different needs and preferences for presentation slides. For this reason, we make sure each slide is editable and customizable. You can simply adjust font and size as well as move text placeholder as desired.

Graphics and charts are used mainly to present supporting data but they also serve as a distinct visual attraction. Using our templates, you can easily insert graphics, charts, or even image with just few steps.

  • Easy to Use

Our themed templates are built to help you with slides making. Once downloaded, use it as easy as pre-loaded PowerPoint templates. Simply click text placeholder to edit and drag to move. You can also insert objects or images when needed. With easy-to-use template, you can stay focused on the material.

School-themed templates are suitable for education-related presentations, seminars, or meetings. Different categories are available to download. Pick one that meets your preferences and click the link to save our templates to your device.

In addition to presentations using Powerpoint, 4presentation also provides templates with School themes for Google Slides Themes.