Graduation Google Slides Themes

If you are a teacher or student looking for a fresh Google Slides Themes for school presentation (education), our Graduation theme is the best. This theme comes with 6 different slides. All slides have green and monochrome colors. Those colors are applied on both design and fonts.

Pictures of happy graduated students are chosen for this Graduation theme. It is going to bring joy to the presentation so everybody who watches your presentation is going to be refreshed and feel the happiness.

Graduation Google Slides Themes

Girls are dominating the pictures but you can replace them with your own pictures. Modern font is used from the beginning to the end of this Graduation Google Slides Themes. The title is big enough so all audiences can see what you show even though their seat is far from the screen.

Small pictures are added on the left and right of the slides so there will be enough space for the text. However, there are big pictures for the first and last slides of this Graduation theme. They’re designed to attract the audiences to focus on the topic.

This Graduation theme and the other Google Slides Themes we share here are not for sale. You can simply hit the download button here to get this fresh theme instead of spending some money to buy any theme.

Free download Graduation Google Slides Themes