Discover your favorite PowerPoint templates and Google Slides Themes right here! We offer a vast collection of free simple PowerPoint templates that are creatively made to meet your needs for a unique and different presentation.

We understand that creating a good presentation is not simple. But a simple template can help make an engaging presentation, allowing you to deliver pitches and messages to the audience. Designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, our templates promise better presentation making experience.

A Glimpse of Simple PowerPoint Templates

As the name suggests, this category contains tons of PowerPoint templates with a simple concept. We aim to make your presentation slides look professional without giving too much distraction to your audience. This is an important key to ensure you messages are well-delivered.

Despite its simple layouts, templates you can find in our website are one of a kind. It is unlikely to use the same PowerPoint template design with your friends or client unless they also download from us. But with a lot of choices available, the chance to use the same templates is lower.

Our simple PowerPoint templates are designed with fresh ideas. We aim to make sure your slides are worth watching from the beginning to the end of the presentation. Whatever theme you want to adopt, we always have something to bring to your table.

In this category, we compile PowerPoint templates with different themes. From anime to nature, you may opt for a favorite theme and pick a template that represents your messages. Business professional, marketer, or teacher can benefit from our masterpieces.

Why Downloading Our Simple Templates

If simplicity is your cup of tea, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can find a vast library of PowerPoint templates with simple design. If you need to convince yourself before downloading, these reasons should help.

  • Free to Download

Our simple PowerPoint templates can be downloaded for free. The download link is available for everyone so you can easily pick any template of your favorite. Without the need for subscription or purchasing license, creating a fantastic presentation is free of charge!

  • One of a Kind

Thanks to our professional designers that incorporate their creative minds and fresh ideas. Our free simple PowerPoint templates are made to be unique and one of a kind. You don’t need to worry about creating a presentation with the same template as your friends.

  • Fit to Any Purposes

We understand that every kind of presenter has different needs for theme and templates. Regarding this, we ensure our templates are suitable for any purposes. Whether you are a student, teacher, employee, or even fashion designer, our simple templates will suit your preferences.

  • Completely Editable

Creating a presentation can be overwhelming if you don’t have any idea to execute. We make everything easier as we provide you with completely editable templates. Simply download your favorite template and add your messages, pictures, or graphics. We ensure better result with less effort.

  • Vast Collection

Find our best collection of simple templates in this website. We have a vast library of simple PowerPoint templates that allow you to pick one of your favorite. No matter what theme you are into, find a template to bring your presentation slides to the next level.

How Benefit from Our PPT Templates

We are here to help you create a powerful presentation. It is quite simple to benefit from our templates, all you need to do is download a template and apply to your PowerPoint.

To begin with, find a simple PowerPoint template from this website. Navigate to Simple category and the page will load a variety of templates with various themes. Scroll through the page and pick one that suits your voice.

Click a desired template and it will direct you to a description page. Be sure to read the description and features of the template so you know what it offers. If you are interested, proceed to download. Click a download link under the description.

At this point, you will be directed to a download page. You should see a big blue download button, click to start the download process. Choose to save or open file with WinRAR and wait for a few second to complete the process.

Now that the WinRAR is downloaded, launch the PPT file that contains your favorite template. Edit the template by adding messages, pictures, clipart and other elements in the placeholder. We let you personalize the template as you can adjust font type, size, and color.

Whenever you need to use the same template in the future, simply launch the file from WinRAR or browse right from PowerPoint. Or, collect our simple yet creative templates so you always have something new to present.

What are you waiting for? Download our free simple PowerPoint templates or Google Slides Themes and create a different presentation to impress your audience. With unique and completely editable templates, preparing PowerPoint slides has never been this easy. Get ready to receive positive feedback from the audience!