Are you thinking of the right template for cultural project presentation? Free culture PowerPoint templates are all you need to grab all the attention. These templates are meticulously designed to represent the diversity of Indonesian culture.

We provide a variety of culture-themed PowerPoint templates to make your presentation attractive, unique, and engaging. Whether you deliver a presentation in formal or informal forum, our culture templates help make your slides worth watching.

A Quick Look at Culture PowerPoint Templates

Indonesia is a vast country with no less than 17 ethnic groups that reside from west to the east. For each group has different habits, languages, and beliefs, this results in a multitude of culture. It makes no surprise that the country has the most cultures in the world.

There are many things that you can do to preserve the culture. Even a simple thing like using culture-themed templates during your presentation will do. It represents your awareness to conserve and preserve the culture.

Concerning this, we offer a variety of culture templates that enable you to upgrade PowerPoint slides with unique and meaningful theme. These templates are created as an effort to introduce Indonesian culture, not only to Indonesian citizens but also to the world.

Our templates are made with culture in mind. We choose representative icons of Indonesian culture, such as batik motifs, puppets, and Balinese barong. Besides upgrading your presentation, we hope these templates can improve your awareness of Indonesian culture.

What We Offer

We have designed a number of culture templates to apply on your PowerPoint slides. Our designers highlight batik theme as it is the most popular icon that represents culture. You can find at least three batik-themed templates in our website.

Green batik is created with a simple design and layout, incorporating symmetrical floral pattern that looks beautiful and elegant. Combined with matching green ribbon at the top, it suits best for formal presentation.

We also offer two other templates with a strong batik accent. The combination of simple background and parang motif, one of the most popular batik motifs in Indonesia, these templates help introduce Javanese culture through batik.

Wayang is another unique template to upgrade your PowerPoint slides. Incorporating Javanese traditional puppet and yellowish background, this template looks extraordinarily unique to deliver a cultural presentation.

Next on our list is Balinese barong that brings out magical nuance to your slides. This template uses barong clipart that squeezes the text placeholder. If you are looking for incredible yet free culture PowerPoint templates, Barong Bali is surely for you.

Reasons to Download Culture PowerPoint Templates

Your PowerPoint program comes bundled with a variety of templates. Using the same templates over and over again can make your presentation feels boring and unattractive. That’s why downloading templates from other sources can make difference to your presentation.

Here are several reasons why you need to download our culture-themed PowerPoint templates:

  • Fresh Design

There are not many culture-themed templates available out there. We make an innovation by creating templates that adopt Indonesian culture to offer new nuance with a fresh design. If you are bored with PowerPoint’s pre-installed theme, these templates boast a refreshing look.

  • Completely Unique

Our culture-themed templates are completely unique. Meticulously designed with local wisdom consideration, we choose popular clipart that represents Indonesian culture. The unique clipart is combined with elegant background to make your entire slides adorable.

  • Suitable for Various Purposes

These PowerPoint templates are suitable for various purposes. Whether you are having corporate meetings, cultural project presentations, or other formal session, these templates can be ideal options to make your slides captivating. Not surprisingly, your audience will enjoy your presentation.

  • Easy to Use

To use our culture templates, all you have to do is download the theme by clicking download link. When the process is completed, open WinRAR folder and double-click the PPT file. A PowerPoint program will be launched, allowing you to edit the culture-themed slides with your materials.

  • Free to Download

The culture PowerPoint templates can be downloaded for free. The link is available for everyone so you can use the template without spending pretty pennies. Simply choose a culture template of your favorite and download to your device. After downloading, you can use it anytime you want.

  • Customizable

Another reason to download our culture PowerPoint templates is that they are customizable. This means you can improve the layout by adding icons or anything you want. Even if your friends use the same template, you can always make difference by customizing the slides.

  • Editable

Our templates are fully editable. Once downloaded, you can add WordArt for title text or simply change the font type, size, and color. With all controls on your hand, creating presentation slide has never been this easy!

In sum, free culture PowerPoint templates are all you need to make the best out of your presentation. Designed with culture and local wisdom in mind, our free culture PowerPoint templates offer a unique and fresh look.