Delivering a presentation using PowerPoint is not a brand new thing. But if you plan to give something unique and different, downloading free animated PowerPoint templates can be a good start. Animated templates are the perfect piece to upgrade your presentation.

We are proud to offer animated templates that are creatively made to bring your performance to the next level. Our templates are designed to be simple, easy to use, and fit to every kind of presentation. Whether you are a teacher, businessman, or student, you can benefit from these animated templates.

Our Animated PowerPoint Templates

Designing a presentation can be time-consuming. There are so many aspects to include, ranging from presentation materials, template, to animation and transition that helps make your slides more fantastic. A small mistake in template or animation choice can ruin the presentation.

We are here to help you create a unique and engaging presentation through animated templates. Specifically designed to give life to your presentation slides, our templates are made simple and easy to use in PowerPoint.

Save your time and energy for the upcoming presentation by downloading our animated PowerPoint templates. Without the need for creating presentation from scratches, all you need to do is editing our animated templates and get the positive feedback from the audience.

We offer a variety of animated PowerPoint templates to make your pitches and messages memorable. With these choices, you can pick the best templates that fit you best. In the event you have to give a formal or informal presentation, our masterpieces can be a great partner.

How Our Animated Templates Transform Your Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint features pre-installed themes and templates that come with various designs. However, most templates that come in bundle with PowerPoint program offers static slides. This means you have to add animation, transition, and effect on your own.

Our animated PowerPoint templates come with slides animation to make your presentation more captivating. Each template is made with different animation, transition, and layouts so it is much easier and faster to design your presentation.

Right after downloading our templates, simply add messages and that’s all. No need to worry about the final result as each animation is meticulously selected to deliver a smooth presentation. We ensure your audience will enjoy the whole session of presentation.

Animated PowerPoint Templates Features

For your best experience in designing presentation, our animated PowerPoint templates come with several features. Not only do these feature make our products different, but it also helps you create a unique and fantastic slides. Here are some features to enjoy:

  • Various Layout Designs

Our free animated PowerPoint templates are created with different layout designs. With a lot of choices to opt, we let you choose a favorite template that suits your messages or presentation material. Despite the different layout designs, all templates are made with heart and creativity.

  • Simple 

These animated templates are made to be simple. Aside from delivering simple layout designs, it also features basic animation and transition for a smooth presentation. We aim to make your audience enjoy the slides even to the last one.

  • Set to Static Ability

You might need to set some slides animation into static. To accommodate your needs, our template slides animation can be easily set to static. You can also change the slides into non-animated if you want. We have everything you need to deliver a nice presentation that meets your target audience.

  • Fit to Any Purposes

These templates are suitable for all purposes. Whether you are a business professional, motivator, teacher, or student, our animated PowerPoint templates are made to fit your messages. With a lot of choices on our website, simply choose one that represents your voice.

  • Easy to Use

With user convenience in mind, our templates are made to be easy to use. Once downloaded, the templates can be used or saved for later. Add messages, charts, and graphics the way you use pre-installed PowerPoint templates.

How to Use Our Animated PowerPoint Templates

Our animated templates are compatible with your PowerPoint program. How to use these templates is quite simple. Be sure to pick a template and download from our website before using. It should be in WinRAR file.

After downloading the file to your device, open WinRAR that contains a PPT and txt file. Navigate your pointer to PowerPoint file and double click to launch. This file contains animated title and content slides where you can start creating a presentation. 

From here, you can add messages, charts and graphics, or do anything to personalize the slides. If needed, you may also change animation and transition setting or even make the slides non-animated. In the event you don’t want to spend extra effort, simply use the template as it is.

Presentation design plays a major role in delivering your messages. Upgrade your presentation and save time with our free animated PowerPoint templates. Designed with different layout designs and simplicity in mind, this is a key to a compelling and memorable presentation.