Bring technology to your presentation with our Technology templates. Inspired by all sorts of hi-tech items such as robot and iPad, you can expect engaging PowerPoint slides. Improving your confidence during presentation made simple with these templates.

Created with simple design, our creators make sure every template is easy to use. There are different themes available so you can pick one that meets your requirement. Be sure the template is relevant to the material you want to present.

Technology Templates in Brief

There are few technology-themed PowerPoint templates on the market so we decided to give you ones. Our dedicated designers help you create attractive technology-related presentations by providing beautiful templates that are easy to use and highly customizable.

These PowerPoint templates are crafted with technology and catchy presentation in mind. Featuring relevant decoration, modern design, and harmonious color composition, you can count on these templates to attract your audience.

Workspace template, for instance, incorporates sleek and modern image of workspace. Subtle color composition helps the audience focus on your messages. There is also Robotic template that features futuristic color and impressive robot decoration.

Our Technology templates can be easily customized. Feel free to personalize every slide to make sure it fits your preferences. Thanks to simple design, working with your presentation slides doesn’t require extra time and effort.


These PowerPoint templates are mainly designed for all presentations related to computer, gadget, and latest technology. It may include but not limited to IT seminars, project presentation, technology symposium, and IT company meetings.

Featuring simple yet good looking design, our templates are also suitable for many other purposes. Let’s mention school project presentation and business pitches. Simply find a template that suits you best and make your statement.

Why Using Technology Templates?

You might find abundant PowerPoint templates out there but only few are worth the download. If you are looking for quality templates that can be a good fit to your messages, our products definitely deserve your attention.

Why using our Technology templates? Check out following reasons to incorporate our templates to your PowerPoint slides.

  • Easy to Customize

By default, our templates are designed with text and decorations. Our designers selected the best element that result in outstanding PowerPoint templates. That said, we make sure each template is customizable.

That means you can easily personalize each slide as you want. Whether you want to replace the existing image, change font type and color, or move text placeholder position, feel free to customize your PowerPoint slides.

  • Various Options

We understand that every user has different taste when it comes to designing presentation slides. That’s why we provide you with a variety of options so you can choose a technology template that meets your personal preferences.

Blue Tecno, for example, incorporates soft tone and simple design that is ideal for business presentation or technology seminars. There is also Workspace template with its sleek and minimalist style.

  • Catchy Design

Don’t worry about making your slides look terrible. Our creative designers work their best to provide you with good looking templates to improve your presentation. We carefully choose the color composition and layout so your slides become visually attractive by default.

  • Effortless to Edit

Working with our templates is a completely simple task. With your convenience in mind, we make sure each slide is easy to edit. Adding title, description, and even graphics is only a few clicks away.

  • Completely Free

Yes, our Technology templates are available for free. We don’t charge our users so you can download any template of your interest.

Creating technology-related presentation slides made simple with our Technology template. Thanks to well-selected illustration, harmonious color composition, and ease of use features that make these templates deserve your attention. Find your favorite template and click the download link.