Rainbow Google Slides Themes

Cheer up your upcoming presentations with our Rainbow Google Slides Themes! A cup of colorful ice cream is welcoming you on the first slide, along with a simple white font that makes this theme perfect for all needs and any presentation topic.

Our expert designers use the combination of maroon and navy for the titles and subtitles for the body slides. You’ll find some combinations of bold and pastel colors on all slides of our Rainbow theme. Those colors are designed to soothe your audiences while reading the text.

Rainbow Google Slides Themes

The pictures we use in this Rainbow Google Slides Themes are all dominated with fresh colors like yellow, pink, blue, and pastels. Those pictures are on the left or right side of the slide, allowing you to use the rest of the space to enter text. All pictures can be personalized and adjusted to your presentation topic.

Rainbow theme’s simple design makes it perfect for teachers who need to teach younger students. However, students can also use this theme and bring joy to the class during their presentations.

The Rainbow Google Slides Themes can be yours after you hit that download button. Use it for all your presentations for free. Don’t forget to share it to anyone who need this cheerful presentation theme.

Free download Rainbow Google Slides Themes