Do you have a tour presentation in the near future? Preparing engaging PowerPoint slides is essential to connect with your prospective customers or clients. And if you are looking for a template that best represents your presentation materials, our Holiday templates are made just for you.

Created by expert and professional designers, these templates help bring your presentation to another level. Thanks to amazing illustrations, vibrant color choices, unique fonts that promise not only cheerful slides but also strong holiday vibes.

Joyful Holiday Templates

These Holiday templates are one of a kind. Featuring beautiful design that accentuates the joy of a perfect getaway, it helps boost your confidence during presentation. Not to mention these templates deliver simple yet modern layout that ensures easy application.

Beach template, for instance, incorporate amazing photographs of white sand beaches and sea foam that takes your audience to feel the serenity of a beach. There is also Mocca template that brings subtle mocca shade to all slides.

By default, our Holiday templates come with 6 different slides but you can add as many slides as you need. Each has different pictures that can be easily personalized—replace default pictures with your own collection.

For convenient presentation making, we ensure each slide is highly editable. Simply click the text placeholder to add title or text. Adjusting text position is as simple as dragging the placeholder. You also have an option to change font and size.

Decent Templates for Multiple Uses

Our templates are designed for multiple purposes and this Holiday pack is no exception. Featuring joyful holiday vibes, it is ideal for tour presentation, travel business meetings, tourism seminars, and even tourism promotion.

What if your presentation has nothing to do with holiday but you are interested to these templates? Feel free to use our templates for other purposes like marketing presentation, nature campaign, school project presentation, and even style presentation.

Why Using These Templates?

PowerPoint slides take half of your presentation preparation. If you don’t want to use PowerPoint’s pre-loaded templates but you don’t have enough time to build one from scratches, we offer a brilliant solution to ensure a successful presentation.

Take a closer look at the following reasons of using our templates:

  • Easy to Apply

You don’t have to be a PowerPoint expert to use these templates. Every downloaded template can be easily accessed from your program—simply browse for the location where you saved it. Apply to your slides and use as usual.

  • Customizable

Our customizable templates allow you to improve creativity when building presentation slides. You can either edit font size and color or move text placeholder. It also lets you adjust the position of images or illustration to meet your preferences.

What’s great, it allows you to change images with your own photographs. Personalize your slides and make a memorable presentation in front of your audience.

  • Suitable for Various Purposes

Our holiday-themed templates are suitable for a variety of purposes. Whether you give clients a tourism presentation or be a keynote speaker for environmental campaign forum, these templates can help improve your presentation.

  • Nice Layout

Layouts can make or break your slides. Our templates are designed with modern layouts that look fresh, appealing, and easy to read. Download our Holiday pack and get rid of those traditional layouts from PowerPoint’s pre-loaded templates.

  • Free to Download

Our templates are available for free so you can redefine PowerPoint presentation without spending a dime. How to download these templates is completely easy. Choose a template pack from Holiday category and scroll down. Click on Free Download and wait for the process.

Holiday templates are creatively designed for a variety of purposes, including nature seminars, travel business meetings, and tourist destination promotion. Choose your favorite template and click download link to save on your device.

In addition to presentations using Powerpoint, 4presentation also provides templates with Holiday themes for Google Slides Themes.