Cute Rabbit

Cute Rabbit Google Slides Themes

There is nothing sweeter than this Cute Rabbit Google Slides Themes. Our Cute Rabbit theme is using a neutral color combination that makes it a brilliant option for various presentation purposes. White is the main color used in our Cute Rabbit theme and it is a perfect background color for business presentation.

The font and color selection were done by our professional designers. The brown color is used for the fonts since it looks in contrast with the white background, making it readable. Cute Rabbit theme is also completed with various pictures of cute rabbits in different species.

Cute Rabbit Google Slides Themes

This Cute Rabbit Google Slides Themes also uses light grey as the accent color. All neutral colors applied in this theme make it usable for teachers, any business presentation, students, and the other presentations that require minimalist theme.

The six slides in our Cute Rabbit theme can all be customized. All the pictures, including the background pictures on the first slide and last slide, can be replaced. Pick the pics that match your presentation topic.

Cute Rabbit Google Slides Themes and its bold fonts can be read from afar, so you can use this theme to show a presentation to bulky audiences. Let the ones sitting at the back see what you typed on the screen comfortably. All themes, including Cute Rabbit theme are designed to be downloaded for free.

Free download Cute Rabbit Google Slides Themes