Create notes for the show

Create notes for the show – The process of writing notes.

  1. Notes pane in normal view.  
  2. Drag the split bar up to enlarge the notes pane, then type your note text.
  3. The notes page layout as seen in notes view or when the notes are printed.

As you put text on your slides, type your speaker notes (if you want any) in the notes pane, below the slide.

As the picture shows, you can enlarge the notes pane so that it’s easier to work in. Your notes are saved in a notes page, which you can print before the show. You’ll see how to view and edit the notes page in the practice session.

Suggestion Use notes to embellish or elaborate on the points on the slide. This helps you keep from overloading the slide, and your audience, with text.

Warning and tip If your notes exceed the space on the notes page, they will get cut off when you print. To prevent this, you can either:

  • Change the layout of the notes page.
  • or

  • Send the presentation to Microsoft Word before printing.

Both these methods are detailed in the Quick Reference Card.

try it..