Moving the Word to Powerpoint

Moving the Word to Powerpoint – usually to make powerpoint to
presented, we need the data or the articles from the internet, excel,
word or the other. Well, to input the data or articles are usually
performed to copy and paste. But when the data or text that will be
moved to microsoft powerpoint many ways it would not be effective to
copy-paste them. it can be long time also waste energy and mind. will give tips on how to insert text quick from Microsoft Word into PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word 2010 provided services or facilities Send to Microsoft
Office Power Point is a fast service to move data or articles directly
to microsoft powerpoint. Incoming data is any one paragraph will be a
slide in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Next, how to move data or text can be follow below.

1. Click the dropdown on the quick access toolbar in Microsoft Word, and select the more command

2. In the options choose command from select All Commands
3. Then find the Send to Microsoft Powerpoint. Double-click it, and then Ok.

4. last step click on the quick access toolbar, Send to Microsoft Powepoint

violaa, a powerpoint which instantly without having to manually copy-paste one by one.
may be useful.