Printing Options in PowerPoint 2007

Printing Options in PowerPoint 2007 There are several printing options in PowerPoint 2007 including printing whole slides, notes for the speaker, an outline of the presentation, or printing handouts for the audience.

Three Different Print Choices

Click on the Office button and place your mouse over Print. This will reveal three different print choices.

  1. Print – choose this option to go directly to the Print dialog box.
  2. Quick Print – PowerPoint immediately sends the presentation to the default printer set up on your computer. This is usually not the best choice, because you have no option to choose exactly what you want to print. By default, PowerPoint will print immediately, using the last print settings made in this session.
  3. Print Preview – will take you to the Print Preview window where you can make quick edits to the slides.

To open the Print dialog box and select precisely what and how you wish to print your presentation, click Office button > Print > Print or use the shortcut keys of Ctrl + P.

Note – Simply clicking Office button > Print will automatically open the Print dialog box