10+ Tips To Make Thank You Speech for Award

There are so many types of speech you should know. One of them is known as the thank you speech for award or an acceptance speech. Unlike many other speeches, this one is shorter and is delivered on a special occasion. Learn how to make an acceptance award below.

Acceptance speeches are a speech type that is given by someone who receives a prize or award. But not all awards require acceptance speeches. When accepting an award, it is crucial to give a short speech that is engaging and succinct at once. How to make such a speech?

How to Prepare And Deliver Award Acceptance Speech

For some people, starting an award acceptance speech isn’t easy at all. Some people have no idea what points should be used to introduce the speech or where to start. If you feel the same, here are some super simple steps to help you prepare and deliver a nice speech when accepting an award.

1. Keep it brief

There should be fewer than five ideas to deliver in your speech. Pack all essential elements you want to say in less than 300 words. Some essential elements to include are thanking the one who introduces you and expressing your gratitude to your supporters, family, and the organization.

You need to think hard about the things you are thankful for. And then you need to write down some reasons that make you grateful. Those who award you are willing to know whether you appreciate the award or not. Tell them that this award means the world to you.

2. Create a list of names

It is crucial to have a list of people to thank in the speech. Put the names on your list. You are free to thank people who were with you on the same project, the organizations, and the friends who always be there to support you. This is going to make everyone feels better and appreciated.

3. Learn from the other speeches

Try to read speeches from other people to get inspiration. Find many examples in the local library or on the internet. It is essential to read the others; speeches, especially from the ones who received the same awards as you are about to get.

4. Make an outline

An outline or a plan for your speech will help you deliver the best speech ever. The outline is going to have the headings and ideas you need. When preparing an outline, you need to follow the outline’s proper format. This way, your speech will be a great one to deliver.

5. Leave your notes at home

It is important to rehearse your acceptance speech several times. This is going to help you remember the points of your speech. Use some mnemonic devices that are going to help you recall some key points. you should mention less than five individuals who help you win the award.

6. A nod to the organizers

Another point you need to know is mentioning a group that is honoring you. This is going to express your gratitude to the organizer. Don’t thank every single person in the organization individually. Doing so will try your audience’s patience and it is just not right.

7. Be genuine and use gestures

You need to be enthusiastic but make sure that your enthusiasm won’t create any unintended comedic effect. One thing that will help you deliver your thank you speech for award is envisioning yourself talking to one person instead of to hundreds.

This is a unique mind trick you should try. This mind trick is going to help you avoid projecting a fearful or stiff demeanor.

8. Mention the goals of the organization

The awards ceremony is actually a brilliant opportunity to touch upon the goals of the organization. However, you need to avoid any long recitation. Simply incorporate two or at least one statistic that is easy to remember. Make sure that it will demonstrate the organization’s noteworthy accomplishments.

9. Build a personal connection

To build a personal connection, you need to make eye contact with your audience for at least five seconds as soon as the welcoming applause stops. This is going to make the audience get their focus on you. After building a personal connection, you can start delivering your short speech.

10. Don’t apologize

This is a moment where you are supposed to deliver an acceptance speech, not the time to revisit some mistakes of the old time. You should focus on the positive and the present and what you are about to do in the future.

11. End with an inspirational note

End your speech with a super strong emotional appeal. This is going to inspire your audience and motivate them to do what you did. Follow up this speech with a public thank you on your social media accounts.

Delivering a thank you speech for award is not that hard, as long as you know some tips that will help you deliver the best speech ever.