There are many aspects to take into account when it comes to delivering a good presentation. Besides taking time to prepare and research your audience, choosing appealing template becomes necessary. If you need a little help to find good templates, our free creative PowerPoint templates will do.

These templates are specially created to help you deliver an effective presentation by keeping audiences focus on your slides. Featuring attractive design with simple layout, these templates are suitable for informal and formal occasions.

Our Creative PowerPoint Templates

We introduce creative-themed PowerPoint templates to improve your project presentation. The following templates combine creative artwork and other important aspects of professional presentation, such as layout, text and graphic placeholders, simplicity, and many more.

Our templates are made to be different. Thanks to innovative design and creative ideas that make your slides worth watching. We hope that anyone using these templates can deliver a unique and different presentations that last longer in audiences’ mind.

We have a vast collection of creative PowerPoint templates that are suitable for different purposes. Simply choose a template that fits best your occasion, be it company meetings, business pitches, creative project presentations, and so much more.

These templates highlight convenience and easy application. Simple layout empowered with captivating design makes our creative templates one of a kind.

Pluses: Creative PowerPoint Templates

A good template is one that can give a huge impact on the audience. Besides, a good template should come with a set of features to help you make the best out of your presentation. Our templates are made to be the best as they offer a wide range of pluses.

  • Editable

To begin with, these templates are fully editable. Without the need for using third-party apps to enable editing, you can easily add text, graphics, or anything right from your PowerPoint program. Once downloaded, launch the file and it will be ready to edit as desired.

  • Creative Design

As the name suggests, our creative PowerPoint templates boasts a creative and appealing design to make it center of attention. Once you begin the slideshow, your audience will be amazed by our unique templates—thanks to hard work and creative innovation that makes this happen.

  • Fit Any Purposes

Additionally, these templates are made to be neutral. This means they always fit a variety of themes, such as business, abstract, and creativity. As a result, you can easily use the templates for different purposes without worrying about ‘wrong choice of template’.

  • Two Different Backgrounds

Most of our templates come with two backgrounds and these free creative PowerPoint templates are no exception. You can enjoy two different backgrounds for title slide and content slide. The content slide features placeholders for table, chart, smartArt graphic, pictures, and even videos.

  • Easy to Personalize

To enhance your presentation, these template enable you to insert WordArt title. If you don’t want to bother inserting WordArt, you can adjust the size, change the color, or simply add your text without changing anything! We have chosen the most harmonious combination for the best appearance.

How to Download and Use

Our PowerPoint templates are available for anyone. You can easily download any creative template from our website. Be sure to pick a template that suits your preference and enjoy presentation with our unique slides.

To begin downloading a template, choose a category at the top of the page. We have provided an extensive range of categories that can be opted, ranging from business, technology, anime, abstract, science, and many more.

Each category consists of a variety of templates that can be downloaded for free. Choose a template of your favorite and click free download link under the template description. You will be directed to a download page.

At this point, you should see a big blue Download button with file size information. Click the button to download. When a confirmation window pops, click open with WinRAR and hit OK. The downloading process will begin. Wait for a few second to complete the download.

Open download folder and find the downloaded file. Double click to open WinRAR and find a PPT file. Double click file to launch PPT containing your desired template. Now you should see some slides with creative templates.

How to use it for your presentation? Once you download the file document, you can easily create a presentation just like using pre-installed template. Our creative template contains a title slide and content slide that can be easily edited.

To add more slides, click New Slide under Home menu. You will be able to choose different slides with the same theme. It also enables you to add pictures, videos, graphics, charts, and many more.

In short, our free creative PowerPoint templates can be a great solution to personalize your presentation. If you wish to deliver a unique and different presentation, choosing our creative templates can be a good start. Combined with on point materials, your performance will be memorable!