Toys PowerPoint Template

Toys Powerpoint Template

Who doesn’t know Lego? This famous toy got attention from both kids and adults. And now you can bring Lego to your presentation with our Toys PowerPoint template. This template comes with a simple slide for the opening with a bold title font and Star Wars Lego that will attract everybody’s attention.

The other slides also have Lego themed pictures with pastel background in smooth grey tones. The design is going to make people focus on the picture and your presentation instead of the small details. Yellow and brown are chosen for the fonts to ease everyone in reading what you typed.

Toys PPT Template

Pictures on the first and last slides of this Toys PowerPoint template are large but the other pictures on the body slides are standard. Those pictures leave lots of space that can be leveraged to display the data you want everyone to see.

There is a Gallery slide in this template where you can add more than one picture to support the data you show so audiences won’t get bored with your explanation.

Our PowerPoint templates, including this Toys template are designed by our professional team. However, we would love to share them for free. You can get the template and use it anytime simply by hitting our download button.

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