10 Bad Habits at Presentation

1. Read During the Presentation
Reading is a very reasonable thing done by the presenter if not ready to
give a presentation. Of unpreparedness that will encourage a presenter to read
the text material. This led us to look not master the material and even lead to
less attention to our audience. The solution, read the material before you come
back and do not discuss the less you have mastered the material

2. Don’t Make Eye Contact
The presentation is one-way communication between the presenter with the
audience. Therefore, listeners would be bored if we as a presenter is not able
to communicate in an interesting way. One way to attract attention is eye
contact, look at the eyes of our audience. As a result, listeners to focus on
material that we provide. Practice making eye contact, one with regard
presentation like we discussed

3. Was Neatly Dressed
First impressions are everything,
especially for those who do not know us.
Therefore, the neat dress, do not have to
wear suits, but neat. It can foster a sense of trust in the hearts of
listeners. If we underestimate
the way we dress, the audience will
underestimate us.

4. Doing Things that Don’t Have to
When the presentation is sometimes we do not consciously have done
extraordinary things, such as clenched hands, holding the buttons, pens and
even played a snap of a finger. These little things are trivial, but for the
listener, it can be very disturbing. These habits may divert attention away
from our presentation.

5. No Preparation
Prepare for your presentation. Bad presentation is the result of poor
preparation. Everything is prepared well always result in good things.

6. Just Stand in One Place
Standing on the corner with a laptop in front from the beginning to the end
of the presentation will not make you a great presentation in front of the
listener. You are not robots WHO can speak, you are Considered a great speaker
by the audience. Make them unnerved.

7. Read the Bullet Points on Slide
Avoid repeating what has been written on the slide. You merely as a written
explanation of the points on your slide. But avoid put a lot of words on a
slide, and allow listeners to hear directly from our words not on the slide.

8. Too Long to Talk
When doing presentations do not beat around the bush. Presentation of the
things you want to convey, listeners will not always focus on the things we
talked about. Listeners also sometimes feel saturated with a presentation that
is too long. So as to lessen the attention of the listener.

9. Failed to Attract Attention

Listeners will only remember what we say at the beginning and end of the
presentation, if we fail to attract attention at the beginning of the
presentation can be a purpose of presentation we will not be achieved.

10. End the Presentation With a Bad
The first thing the audience remembers the
end of our
presentation. Therefore, end the presentation so well that listeners are able to remember all the material presented.