Create a SmartArt graphic

A SmartArt graphic is a visual representation of your information and ideas. You can create SmartArt graphics by choosing from among many different layouts to quickly, easily, and effectively communicate your message.

When you create a SmartArt graphic, you are prompted to choose a type such as Process, Hierarchy, Cycle, or Relationship. A type is similar to a category of SmartArt graphic, and each type contains several different layouts.

  1. Click insert then choose Smart Art
  2. You can choose various design layout.
    For example
    To do this Use this type
    Show nonsequential information : list
    Show steps in a process or timeline : Process
    Show a continual process : Cycle
    Create an organization chart : Hierarchy
    Show a decision tree : Hierarchy
    Illustrate connections : Relationship
    Show how parts relate to a whole : Matrix
    Show proportional relationships with the largest component on the top or bottom : Pyramid

    Then click ok

  3. You will show Text pane.
    The Text pane is the pane that you can use to enter and edit the text that appears in your SmartArt graphic. The Text pane appears to the left of your SmartArt graphic. As you add and edit your content in the Text pane, your SmartArt graphic is automatically updated — shapes are added or removed as needed.
    When you create a SmartArt graphic, the SmartArt graphic and its Text pane are populated with placeholder text that you can replace with your information. At the top of the Text pane, you can edit the text that will appear in your SmartArt graphic. At the bottom of the Text pane, you can view additional information about the SmartArt graphic
    Write what you need.
    Note : Depending on the layout that you choose, each bullet in the Text pane is represented in the SmartArt graphic as either a new shape or a bullet inside a shape.
  4. Good luck