6 Ways of Fixing A Boring Opening At A Boring Speech

This is a boring topic to deliver. No, a presentation topic is fine. Many people say that they have to bring a boring subject than the topic that the others should bring. But any subject is never boring. The presentation technique may be boring. Fix it by fixing the opening at a boring speech.

Don’t blame the subject you are about to bring, but look for the best ways you can try to awaken your audience’s minds and interests. If your subject isn’t hot enough, speak with more conviction, confidence, and authority to make audiences interested.

Fixing The Opening At A Boring Speech

Some people make mistakes when delivering their subject. Those mistakes make the presentation or speech boring. If you don’t want audiences to get bored, avoid those mistakes. There are the most common mistakes that lead to a boring speech and how you can fix them.

1. Not being engaged with audiences

The opening of your presentation will make people decide whether they are going to pay attention or not. You need to make audiences feel like you’re talking to them and that they need you. So instead of entering the subject immediately, you need to ask some questions to the audience.

“Why is this subject crucial for me?” and “why am I here?” are the two most famous questions you can use to start a speech or a presentation. Tell audiences why you must pay attention to the subject immediately and they are going to focus on your presentation since they know how important it is.

2. Not interested in with your topic

To make people love your topic, don’t ever think that your topic is boring. When you believe that your topic is boring, you will bring it in a boring way and it will be impossible to make your audiences love the topic. People can detect your lack of disinterest, passion, and also insecurities about your subject.

If you don’t want to deliver an opening at a boring speech, it is crucial to love your topic. Find something interesting about it and then make audiences curious about that topic. If you can make audiences curious at the start of your presentation, they will stay to the end of your speech.

3. Being a boring person

Even if in your mind the topic is boring, you shouldn’t be a boring person. You will be a super boring speaker if you tell a story by reading it on your PowerPoint slides. Add some anecdotes to support your speech. Some interesting context like facts your audiences don’t know will also help.

Research your subject and try to find something unique about the subject. There may be something unique and special about your subject that you never knew before. Let your personality covers the opening at a boring speech until the end of your presentation.

4. Boring angles of your topics

No subject is boring. The only thing that makes your topic boring is its angle. Angle is how a speaker approach and also present a topic. You must know the angle’s power to make audiences interested in listening to you and benefit from your speech.

The first thing you need to think about is finding the angle you must use to make people interested in your subject. For example, think about the problems your audiences should face every single day. This makes audiences focus on how your topic can fix their problem.

5. Opening at a boring speech with no pause

The next thing that will make your speech sounds boring is the information you deliver is dense, uninteresting, and flat. The slides you provide may be hard to absorb. One excellent way to make a presentation much more interesting is by breaking up the presentation flow.

Stop at some story’s appropriate points and then add a video, an audience poll, a quote that is relevant to your subject, or graphics that’s presenting a recent news item. You can even add some games that are going to make a speech more interesting. Use interactive techniques to avoid boredom.

6. Not adding something funny

A Good opening doesn’t mean the whole speech will be interesting. Your opening may be stunning and genius. But if you don’t have something excellent for the entire speech until the end of the presentation, your audience may leave in the middle of your speech.

Add something funny to bring back audiences’ focus and make them stay with you. For example, show a black picture on the slide and ask something serious like “what does the picture above mean?”.

And then you can say “it doesn’t mean anything, I just want to add a break so everyone will be ready for the point below.” This is a genius way to make your audiences relax and focus at once.

How are you going to fix a boring opening at a boring speech? The six things above make your presentation boring. Remember that the way you start a speech will affect how your audiences pay attention to your presentation. Use the six tips above and your presentation will be stunning.