Make Animation Light Glossy

On this occasion we will share a tutorial on making light animation slide as shiny. With this effect your slides look more elegant. Curious? Please be listened to

  1. Make a shape with a rectangular shape on the slide that you want to give a glossy effect like below.
  2. Right-click on the rectangle and choose Format Shape.
  3. Select fill > Gradient fill, and then setting the color gradient stopnya like this

    Stop 1: white color, 0% transparency
    Stop 2: white color, 50% transparency
    Stop 3: white color, 100% transparency

  4. Still in the Format Shape, select Line Color and then click No line.
  5. Image rotation so that it becomes as follows

  6. moving picture to the lower right corner until the picture is not visible.
  7. Give the animation motion path from lower left to upper right.
  8. Adjust the speed according to your taste
  9. Good luck.