Opening Presentation Options

Opening Presentation Options – There are several options and a strong
opening to attract the attention of the audience:

1. Use Humor
Humor is good for health is also good for presentation. If you have a sense
of humor is pretty good, using it appropriately at the beginning of the
presentation will help break the ice and prepare the audience to listen to the
more serious part of your presentation. But if you lack the talent to humor, do
not push yourself because it will seem strange and even make the audience uncomfortable
with your opening.

2. Use Quotation or Statement
There are many sayings of the wise and famous people that you can use as an
opening presentation. Choose the quote that is relevant to the topic of your
presentation. Short excerpts that have a strong message will invite the
audience to think and reflect. Thus, you invite them to focus on in your
presentation. Sometimes a quote or statement that is controversial also
interesting to say at the outset.
Suppose that you will give a presentation on “The Importance of Early
Childhood Education” then you can use a quote like:

“You know, nothing is learned by a child in its first five years will
have a major impact on his entire life to adulthood.” 

Quotations not only from the words of a famous person. You can also grab
from newspaper articles, magazine or TV news. The bottom line is a quote or
statement must be able to attract and inspire people to think, ponder and
understand it well. The audience felt it was important to listen to the
continuation of your presentation because they will benefit.


3. Use the Data or Facts
The use of appropriate data or facts will also be able to become a strong
opening. Data or information that the facts can be dramatic without having
in-dramatize. Suppose you want to give a presentation on “The importance
of the role of the family keep the pregnancy a mother.” You can start the
presentation by giving the data or facts as follows:

“According to WHO, every 1000 live births, there were 10 people who
died from pregnancy mother who had no concern with whether or not labor is

The use of the sentence, making the audience who has never heard to give
serious attention to the topic of discussion. For those who have never known
the fact it will be a reminder again. In this way the audience realize that the
material that you submit is important so it will be able to prepare them
mentally to listen to the presentation seriously.

4. Use the Question
The question is also a good choice as the opening presentation. Naturally
the question will make people think and trying to find the answer. This means
that people will focus on topics of concern. Examples of questions you can ask
when it will give a presentation on “Using the Internet and Productivity
of Work” for example:

“Do you know how much time is spent on employees to use Social Network
sites like Facebook, Friendster and the like every day?”
“Just multiply that time by 30 days, then multiply that by 12 months,
and then multiply again by the number of employees in your company. That time
is gone and everything is judged to be equivalent to money …. % Profit of
your company. “

You can use one piece of slides that contain pictures or text to illustrate the
opening presentation. Use the slide to the contents of a brief and powerful
image. A mix of good visual stimulus with the opening of a structured and
convincing will help your audience remember your presentation and provide
support by listening seriously from start to finish.

Because of this opening is very important, so plan well. If necessary,
practice your opening sentence is so smoothly deliver naturally. Make sure you
are comfortable with the choice of opening sentence that will be impact the
main content of the presentation.

If you manage to do well opening, the first duty in giving a presentation
has been completed. You have to deliver the audience mentally ready to listen
to the core of the presentation. You also have to have enough self-confidence,
making it easier to continue the presentation.