Music enthusiasts must not skip these free music PowerPoint templates. Our music templates are specially made to liven up your music-themed presentation, allowing you to gain fantastic response from the audience.

Creating a catchy presentation design is not simple—even a small mistake can ruin the whole design. For this reason, we offer a multitude of PowerPoint templates with various categories, including music. With these templates, you will create presentation slides without spending a lot of time.

Our Music PowerPoint Templates in Brief

Music is a universal language known worldwide. There is a variety of music genres that allow music enthusiasts to choose one of their favorite. No matter what genre you are into, music can be a unifying agent to unite people from different countries with different languages.

This inspires us to create music-themed PowerPoint templates. We believe that music fits anywhere, including in your presentation. Bringing the spirit of music, we aim to give you a new energy to deliver powerful messages to the audience.

A wide variety of music genres plays a huge role in helping us design the templates. Whether you are a hard core fan of pop, rock, or other genres, you can discover a music-themed PowerPoint template that suits your preference.

We strongly believe that presentation does not have to be serious. It can be fun, engaging, yet precise enough to persuade your audience. If you are a professional in music industry or entertainer who needs to share your thoughts, our templates can help make your message well-delivered.

Among Our Collections

We have copious PowerPoint templates with different categories, including business, technology, nature, animal, and music. The least mentioned category comes with a few exclusive templates to liven up your presentation with the spirit of music.

Pink Girl is one of our masterpieces that offer a unique background to grab all the attention. As the name suggests, this template brings out a music girl, artwork, and speaker to accentuate the theme. Combined with dark background, your presentation material is clearly visible.

Huge fans of Big Bang can opt for Big Bang (VIP Zone) PowerPoint template. It features Big Bang, a popular Korean boyband with millions of fans worldwide. This template is made simple yet strong enough to emphasize the music theme you adopt.

White Black Drum is among our collections of free music PowerPoint templates. Our designers choose monochrome nuance with a harmonious combination of white background and black music equipment. Thanks to its simple layout that allows you to focus on the presentation material.

Next on the list, there is Sound template that brings out a strong theme of music. It features sound speaker pictures combined with plain green background where you can add title and subtitle. This music-themed template works well to make your slides a center of attention.

Why Choosing Our PowerPoint Templates

Good templates should make your work easier. Our PowerPoint templates are made to help you create a unique and different presentation design with a strong accent of music. Here are several reasons why our music templates are worth choosing.

  • Free to Download

PowerPoint templates are available for free in our website. Visitors can browse for their favorite templates and click the download link to save on their computers. Without the need for spending a penny, our templates can be used freely. No subscription, no license!

  • Time-efficient

We understand you might have limited time to design an engaging presentation. For this reason, we help you create a unique presentation design. As you do not necessarily need to collect from scratches, that means you can focus on the material and save a lot of time.

  • Various Choices

Our website offers various choices of music templates to upgrade your presentation slides. With the many options available, it is much easier to make a decision.

  • Strong Accent of Music

Music-themed PowerPoint templates should deliver a strong accent of music. This is the only way to persuade your audience. Our templates are made with music in mind so we ensure each template you choose comes with a strong nuance of music.

  • Easy to Use

These music templates are completely easy to use. After saving a desired template on your computer, you can use it right away. Simply open PowerPoint file and edit the provided slides. We give you two slides, consisting of title and content slide with an engaging music theme. 

  • Fresh Design

If you want to give a different presentation, our PowerPoint templates can help. Fresh designs make these templates one of a kind, the only thing that you need to attract the audience. None of your friends will use the same templates unless they download from our website.

Bring the spirit of music to liven up your presentation. Our free music PowerPoint templates promise engaging presentation, thanks to strong accent of music and fresh designs that cannot be found in other places. Pick one of your favorite and get prepared for positive feedbacks from your audience.