Cover Album PowerPoint Template

A photographic album, or photo album, is a collection of photographs, generally in a book.
Some albums have compartments which the photos may be slipped into.

other albums have heavy paper with an abrasive surface covered with clear plastic sheets, in which photos can be put.
Older style albums often were simply books of heavy paper which photos could be glued to or attached to with adhesive corners, or pages.
Albums can be created as a family or event record.

This cover album power point template inspired by the photo album,
that usually used to keep the photo so that the photo will not easily lost or to collect the photo that have been printed.
Some photo album enclose holder or zipper or button to close the album so that the photo will not easily out from the album and lost.
This template use black as the background colour, it shows the shape and the colour of the photo album.
In this template there is a circle shape on the front side and square shape at the back.
This shape show the holder of the photo album.

User can write some text in the background or in the holder shape, whether in the circle or square form.
It can be used to write the chapter of the material or something else.