Yellow Lamp PowerPoint Template

Lamp power point display design uses light as the main image with yellow as the color of the bottom and come with trinkets such as books, pencils, coffee and food. on the first slide appears 3 different lamp sizes. the lamp consists of many colorful circles which are merged into a single artistic unity.

The flare of the lights is also described with colorful circles. In addition there is also a picture book, pencils, coffee, and food. It can describe the things that we need while learning. We need the lights to provide illumination and light when we read a book or write and coffee as well as food becomes our friend when learning. at first this slide we can write down the title and subtitle of the presentation.

on the second slide seemed a colorful lights and a book on right corner of it.
Next on the third slide showing a lamp on the top left hand corner and a pencil in the top left corner. on the second and third slides we can write down the content of the material which we will pass on. on the third slide seemed a lamp and a suspended.

and in the last slide were almost the same as the previous slides, there is a lamp flashing with light and a Cup in the bottom right corner.