How to Pull Off A Wow Presentation

A wow presentation is a way to transfer knowledge in the form of a topic to the audience. It is a huge challenge if you don’t know how to start and what to prepare. Engaging the audience is a big task too. Therefore, read the tips below to deliver a killer presentation in front of your audience.

Tips to Pull Off A Wow Presentation

1. Get to know your audience

Your audience is the ones who will interact with you. Beforehand, you should know their backgrounds and how many people will attend your presentation. Thus, adjust the presentation and how to deliver the topic that will be easily understandable for them. Ask your organizer before the session starts.

2. Be confident

Being confident is a strategy how to make a wow presentation. It means you are ready to present the topic to your audience. You will be listened to and get attention from the listeners, so you have to brush off the nervousness. Practicing before the presentation is helpful and makes sure you have knowledge about the topic.

3. Be easygoing

An easygoing presenter creates a nice atmosphere during the presentation. The audience will not feel bored because you are interactive. Some audience members might have questions after the presentation and you have to welcome their gesture. Be friendly, yet stay professional in front of them.

4. Stay energetic

The audience can feel your enthusiasm, so be energetic. If you keep delivering a monotonous presentation, the audience easily gets bored and they will not pay attention to you anymore. Put on some smiles and make eye contact with them. The audience feels engaged if you are energetic.

5. One slide one idea

Too many ideas in a slide only makes confusion for the audience as well as yourself. One slide should be only for an idea because it creates more slide transitions during the presentation. It prevents the audience from feeling bored because looking at one slide only for an explanation.

6. Create a contrast slide

The slide you present should have good contrast in the terms of color. The slide and the font should have different colors to be seen perfectly. For example, the slide is black and the font is yellow. Avoid using pastel colors for presentation slides because it’s hard to read.

7. Pay attention to the headings

The headings are important to differentiate the attention the audience should pay to. It means the font size should be different because they will have to catch the main idea and topic. A wow presentation means you can deliver the main idea to the people in front of you.

8. Fewer lines

The slides had better have fewer lines. Too many lines create confusion for the audience. They have to catch up with the text at the same time as the presenter’s explanation. Be easy to them and creating fewer lines is easier for you too. Put the key points only on the slides.

9. Fewer colors

The good slide you present to the audience should be fewer colors. The maximum number of colors is only three, for the visual, the fonts, and the headings. Too many colors are not engaging. You can use the colors in one scheme or different to create a strong contrast.

10. Be interactive

The last tip to delivering a presentation is being interactive. You engage with your audience and they will feel seen. Asking for feedback after a presentation or being active during Q&A is the way to be interactive. Pull off a good conclusion, so they’ll remember what you deliver.

Those ten tips above are the keys to delivering a wow presentation. Make your audience feel engaged with you by presenting a good quality slide, excellent talk, and being interactive. For those reasons, you will get the full attention of the audience from the start to the end of the presentation.