Tips on How to Make a Presentation Longer

The presentation should be in a perfect duration as given. This session is quite tricky because you can deliver too fast or too slow. It should be exciting for the audience to get their attention. So, you have to know how to make a presentation longer effective.

Tips on How to Make a Presentation Longer

1. Create an over-prepare presentation

The event will get you to know how long the duration of the presentation is. For example, if you have 15 minutes to present the topic, you can prepare a presentation for 20 minutes. During the presentation later, you can cut some topics if necessary.

2. Create a schedule

It is important to create a schedule for your presentation. The schedule is in the form of a layout where you prepare a portion of key points or topics you will deliver. For example, the introduction might only need two minutes, the full topic is 10 minutes, the conclusion is a minute and the rest is a Q & A session.

Time estimation is essential because you can measure how long to deliver each point you will talk about during the presentation. Some points might be more important than others, so it takes longer than the other parts. Create a layout of the more important key points to emphasize.

3. Designing the slides

Visualization on the slide is part of how to make a short presentation longer. A good slide design doesn’t have many words, but a visualization of the topic. You can insert some graphics and diagrams. It gets more engagement from the audience and you can prepare a few minutes to explain one image.

4. Give some facts and quotes

Before the presentation session, you can use these tips on how to make a presentation longer. Giving quotes and facts that are relevant to the topic will give the audience a better idea and visualization. Put it in your introduction slide either in words or images.

Why are some quotes and facts important? Your audience will engage with your presentation and you kick it off smoothly. They also motivate the audience such as reasoning them to keep up with your presentation. Don’t forget to bring famous and relevant characters for this part.

5. Speak slowly

Speaking slowly doesn’t mean you are slowing the pace of the presentation. This is the right way to show that you are not in a panic. Speaking too rushed will only form the idea that you are not comfortable in front of the audience. It’s effective to lengthen your presentation and improve your performance.

6. Emphasize the concept

Concepts in the presentation should be emphasized, so the audience will get the main idea of the topic you deliver. Repeat the concepts or key points to make the audience remember and take some notes. However, avoid doing it too often because the audience will be bored with your presentation.

7. Engage with the audience

Your audience is the main part of the presentation session. You are transferring knowledge to them and trying to be a bridge by presenting the topic. So, engaging with the audience should be in your mind during the presentation. It lengthens the time because you have the interaction in Q&A or mid-presentation.

8. Add some videos

Videos in a presentation is an additional material to create a longer presentation. You can play the video in the middle of the presentation or as the opening to engage with the audience. However, you have to make sure that the contents of the video are relevant to the topic.

Before delivering a presentation, you have to ensure how much time you have to present the topic. The tips on how to make a presentation longer will not work if you have too many points to present in a brief time. A good presentation isn’t wordy with the right and specific time to finish.