Tips to Avoid Nervous Smile during Presentation

It is normal when you are nervous in front of the public, either presenting a topic or delivering a speech. Public speaking is a fear for some people and you might show some issues such as displaying a nervous smile, having a faster heartbeat, and feeling your hand trembling.

Even so, you have to calm your smile. Some people can’t avoid nervousness and tend to show unnecessary smiles. It prevents stress, but that expression might bother the audience because it means you are not ready for the presentation. Here are some tips that you can try.

How to Avoid Nervous Smile

1. Practice speaking

The most important step to avoid nervousness is practicing. You should practice speaking conversationally. It will give you an idea of how to handle yourself in front of the public because, during the presentation, you will interact with the public though it is not always two-way in some moments.

You can try to talk to your family, friends, and colleagues. A presentation is similar to a conversation, but the difference is about the topic. When you talk to your friend, usually a natural smile will form on your lips. It will lead you to have a natural and happy smile during the presentation too.

2. Know the right time to smile

A nervous smile usually comes out when you are too nervous. However, you need to control yourself by knowing the right time to smile. If you feel forcing yourself to smile, it means that the time is not right and a smile is unnecessary. You might have to be serious, especially during discussion.

3. Start the presentation with a smile

If you are confident with the topic you are going to deliver during the presentation, you will show a warm gesture before presenting and it includes a warm smile. It prevents you from being more nervous during presentations. You can have a small talk with the audience too.

4. Talk in front of the mirror

Talking to the mirror during practice is an important way to calm yourself. You can talk as if the audience is in front of you. Later, you see how many times you smile nervously while you are talking. You learn about yourself because you know what the audience will see.

5. Attend more presentation

Attending more presentations gives you some lessons to express yourself during the presentation. It is a way to put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Besides, you can look at how the presenter gives their topic. See how they smile and when the right time for smiling is.

6. Be comfortable

Sometimes, you are not comfortable with your surroundings and end up with nervousness. You have to adjust to your environment first before presenting your topic in front of the audience. Spend more time before the presentation. You can try checking the microphone or having small interactions with the audience.

7. Stay positive

The nervousness also comes because you don’t have positive visualization about yourself. The audience won’t eat you up just because you make a little mistake during the presentation. Therefore, positive visualization will make a positive situation. It helps you to brush off nervousness.

Tell yourself that the presentation session is going to be fun. You have to believe that you are a great presenter, not a terrible one. This visualization should be in your mind from the introduction to the end of the presentation.

8. Take a deep breath

You can brush off the nervousness by taking a deep breath. Let go of your breath and don’t hold it. The more oxygen you take, the your mind and body will be more relaxed.

A nervous smile will not happen if you are confident and prepare a lot for the presentation. A small interaction with the audience, practice before the presentation, and good visualization about yourself will help you to brush off your nervousness.