Interpersonal VS Intrapersonal: The Differences and Importances

Developing the growth of the inner self should be mindful. It consists of awareness and skills of interpersonal vs intrapersonal. They are different types of skills and every individual should have both and can’t choose. Here are the differences and examples.

The Definition of Interpersonal VS Intrapersonal

1. Interpersonal

Interpersonal is the skill to face the community such as workmates, friends, and clients. This skill includes how to communicate, work, and create things together with others. With this strong skill, you can manage everything easily in the environment.

2. Intrapersonal

Intrapersonal skill is the skill to understand yourself. It is hard to understand others if you don’t understand yourself first. You should be able to have a dialogue with yourself before creating goals and motivating the inner self. It is very important for self-growth and how you approach every situation.

The Examples of Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills

1. Interpersonal skill example

  • Influence

The significant change needs influence. Once you can give some ideas and make a great result, it means you are capable enough to contribute to the influence. This skill needs you to be a good listener first and make a decision. By giving your influence, you are creating a better environment.

  • Being responsive

Responsiveness is the action where you are capable of responding to the information timely and clearly. This skill will ease the frustration of others. You have to avoid being ignorant. Practicing to be responsive can start by appreciating time and energy.

  • Communication

There are three types of communication in interpersonal skills verbal, nonverbal, and public speaking. All of them should be strong and clear. You need to meet a lot of people and start to interact with them. By communicating, you practice the quality of interaction as well.

  • Managing the conflict

When you interact with people, it is normal to have a conflict because of a different way of thinking. In interpersonal skills, managing conflict is important because it leads to the solution needed by the team. Start to find some ideas to solve the problem.

  • Empathy

Being understanding is not enough. Interpersonal skill includes the way you put yourself in someone else’s shoes. The stronger you manage yourself to be empathetic, the more it is easier for you to master and communicate everything effectively.

2. Intrapersonal skill example

  • Self-awareness

This skill includes how you are aware of everything which makes you excited, angry, sad, and other emotions. It is not good to escape and find a distraction when you face a problem. If you are aware of yourself, you will be able to handle the feeling and gain some power after that.

  • Visualization

In our life, we find a lot of situations and cases. It can be the experience of others. Visualization is how you see yourself in a particular situation and think about how to handle yourself. It is a preparation in case someday you experience the things you see, so you have plans already.

  • Decision making

One of the important skills in interpersonal vs intrapersonal is decision-making. This activity could be in your environment, but the main decision comes from your inner self. This includes how you see the problem, potential options, and the best decision.

  • Compassion

Compassion is the action when you can see others’ perspectives. It will not be easy to get angry over a different perspective. As the result, you can respect other people because everyone has different backgrounds and experiences.

Interpersonal vs intrapersonal skills are not an option. An individual should have both skills to develop and grow in their environment. They are important for the inner self and other people around. With those skills, individuals can live life effectively and productively.