6 Types of Special Occasion Speech

There are many types of special occasion speech. This is a specific speech you give to commemorate something or someone. In other words, this speech is written and also given to honor, celebrate, memorialize, or remember something or someone.

You need to learn the different types of this speech and also learn how you can make one. This way, you will know what to do and what to say when it is time for you to deliver a speech on a special occasion. Below are some types of speech for a special occasion you should learn.

Various Types of Special Occasion Speech

Speeches for a special occasion are not just some speeches you write in speech class. Those speeches should be given in some real-life situations. Many people saw one and have given one. If you will give a speech for a special occasion, you should learn about which type it will be.

1. Introduction speech

The introduction speech is a super short speech that will be given by the host of an event. The host is going to introduce the speaker at one event. The length of this introduction speech should never be longer than two minutes.

To start this special occasion speech, you need to begin by capturing the attention of your audience so that they will be excited in listening to the speaker. When preparing this introduction speech, you need to make sure that your speech contains some structures.

The first one should be the topics that will be delivered by the speaker. And then let the audience know why that speaker is qualified to convey the topic and what the benefits of this topic are for the audience. Conclude the speech by welcoming the speaker to the stage.

2. Presentation speech

The presentation speech is the next of many speech types for a special occasion. This speech is also a brief speech but this one will be given when people are being awarded an honor or a prize. This presentation speech has three components.

First, the speaker is going to explain the nature of an honor or award. And then the speaker will explain what makes the recipient deserve the award. And finally, if the award recipient is one of the audience, the speaker is going to acknowledge the participants for their efforts.

3. Acceptance speech

The next special occasion speech type is the acceptance speech. This one is given by a person who accepts an honor or award. When you have to convey this speech, you need to show your gratitude. Just like the previous one, this speech also has three different components.

First, you need to thank the teacher, the coach, the committee, or whoever has chosen you for the award. And then you need to thank the people who have helped you achieve the honor or award. Finally, you need to explain why the honor or award is personally meaningful to you.

4. Dedication speech

The dedication speech is another type of special occasion speech. This speech is created when a project is completed. You can also make this speech when an existing space or building is named after or dedicated to someone.

Oftentimes, the one who gives this dedication speech is still related to whom a project is being dedicated to. The speaker must first explain her or his relationship to that person. Or, the speaker may simply introduce herself or himself before moving to the next step.

The next step is the speaker listing the person’s accomplishments that will lead to something that is being dedicated to her or him. Then, the speaker will identify the thing that is being dedicated and why it is crucial.

The speaker of this special occasion speech should also name some people who have important roles in the planning and building and also dedicating the project. Finally, the speaker should explain why or how the project has positive effects on the community.

5. Toast

This special occasion speech is a brief tribute to an event or a person. Toasts let the speaker express his best wishes for the future and acknowledge accomplishments. The length of a toast usually is between 30 and 60 seconds.

Though this is a brief speech, a toast should be delivered at the best time. Usually, this toast is given when everybody is present, like when all guests are seated and ready to have dinner and when people have a drink in their hand.

6. Commencement speech

This speech is given by a speaker at a graduation ceremony of a school, especially when the graduating students are getting diplomas as their award. This commencement speech is an important speech for the graduates’ lives.

At least, there are six different types of special occasion speech. Each type is for a different occasion. Learn about each type and how to make them all. And then you will be ready to make your own speech on every special occasion.