Style of Presentation Formal VS Informal

Presenting a topic in a business or organization is common. The presenter explains in proper manners to the audience. The style of presentation can be distinguished into two styles, formal and informal. There are some differences in style, skill, and how to deliver the topic. Here is the information about them.

Style of Presentation in Formal

1. Definition

A formal presentation requires a lot of things because it is an ideal meeting to present the topic. The approach is very different because it relates to the audience’s background and important purposes such as business and the time to have the presentation.

2. The goals

The goal of the presentation in a formal style is different. Usually, you have to prepare the goal that you will deliver to the audience. It should be clear and consist of the points you will remark on. Write the ideas before having this presentation.

3. Dressing

In a formal presentation, the style of presentation is wearing formal attire. For the man, the formal attires consist of a suit and tie. For the woman, it should be a business suit or dress. The hairstyle should be neat as well. Dressing formally is a sign that you are a professional to convey the topic.

4. Use interactive question

This presentation includes an interactive questions and answers session. This is how you engage and get some feedback. However, the formal presentation only lasts after the presentation ends. The audience will not be able to ask anything in the middle of the presentation.

5. Preparing the materials

Before you present the formal presentation, you have to prepare the material well. It should be well-structured and in the form of slides as PowerPoint. The outline has to be systematic with subheadings, etc. It helps the audience to understand the topic you present to them.

6. Using the visual in slides

Although it is not a must, using visuals in the slides of the presentation is a good suggestion. The audience will understand more when they see some graphics, diagrams, or illustrations. The visualization is way better than presenting text words in the full slide.

Informal Style of Presentation

1. Definition

Definition of informal presentation is a session where you don’t have to prepare many things beforehand. It is simple and the audience might only catch a particular idea in the presentation. The session is more relaxed and you have time to talk to the audience during the presentation.

2. The goals

An informal presentation has a simple goal, you only need to provide some information. The discussion occurs during the presentation and involves more than one audience to see and know their reaction. The style of presentation looks more like a conversation.

3. Dressing

The dressing in this presentation is informal, but you still have to be polite because you face an audience. It means you don’t have to wear business or formal attire, but a simple outfit will do. As a presenter, you have to have the professional look because you are going to share some information.

4. Interaction

The interaction should be very interactive and it doesn’t have a particular time to do Q & A sessions. The audience and presenter can interact with the presentation. Once they find out that they don’t understand the topic, they can immediately ask and the presenter will give some feedback.

5. The slide styles

Sometimes, an informal presentation might not need a slide. You can simply bring a handout for the audience as their reference. If you are going to prepare a slide presentation, then make sure the content has fewer visuals. Usually, the presenter will write on the board.

Style of presentation in formal and informal has many differences. The communication style is not only the main difference, but also the dressing, preparation, and the session along with the presentation. However, a successful one means you deliver the topic well and professionally.