Camera Design PowerPoint Template

The camera is the most popular tool in photography. The camera is a tool that functions and is able to capture and immortalize the picture/image. The camera was first referred to as the camera obscura, which derives from the latin word for a dark room. The Camera Obscura is a camera that is not equipped with a film to capture images or shadows. over time, the camera was also developed. Today the society wanted a camera that not only sophisticated but also practical and easy to use.

on the first power point template slide that shows the camera in a large ukurang with a predominance of young black and yellow color. design on the slide first this looks like a front face camera SLR. Next we can write down the title of the material which we will presentasikan on this first slide.

The second slide slide is displayed simply with the dominance of black color and a bit of mastic. on this slide we can write material which we will presentasikan with white font color so that the material presented can be seen by the reader.

And design on the last slide is similar to the first slide. but on this slide design cameras seem more obvious. at last it will slide showing credits as the closing presentation.