Pink Ribbon PowerPoint Template

Pink ribbon the theme that used in this power point template is a ribbon, a pink ribbon. The base color of this power point template is soft pink.This power point template consists of two slides.

The first slide is used to write the title of the material that will be presented by a presenter. We can also write the member name from the group that will make the presentation or even adding a further explanation about the title of the presentation. The color of the background in the first slide is a soft pink with a streaky motif combined with a light soft pink. In this title slide there is a white colored ribbon on the right  side of the slide.

The second slide can be used to write the content of the material that will be presented by the presenter. This second slide has pink color as the background color. There is a white ribbon at the bottom of the slide and there are lines and dots are white at the top of the slide.

This power point template is more suitable for girls. This power point templates are also more suitable if used to present a presentation with the theme of the material are about something that related to the girl or woman.